I actually started off in fashion photography rather than weddings, seemingly an ideal career for a girl with more shoes than a well stocked shoe shop.  Combining catwalk shoots with editorial work, I got to create beautiful images, that told beautiful stories, but I wanted more, I wanted stories that could be brought to life and retold for generations. 

My own love story started at a wedding where I met the love of my life, and a few years later we began a very different chapter after discovering we would soon be welcoming a baby to the world.  Before I had even shared the news I was pregnant, I was asked to shoot a friend's wedding, who loved my fashion work and wanted me to tell her love story.  It was then, that I realised it was weddings that I wanted to photograph.  The coming together of family and friends to celebrate, the breath taking sight of a couple deeply in love, tears of joy and deep belly laughs, who wouldn’t want to share this?  At the same time, I was busy making plans with my partner about our future plans, how our lives were about to change and what we wanted most for our child.  We decided that we wanted our new baby to take risks and follow their dreams, and above all, pursue love and happiness over money.   We named our son Chase, before he was born and he is the reason today, I follow my dream and passion with photography and why Gemma Chase Photography exists today.

  I got married recently and whilst I love the epic portraits of me and my husband, the beautiful shots of the details I'd spent months planning and creating, the breath taking drama of our wedding venue, what I love is the essence of the people and the story of our day.  One of the images I love most from our wedding, whilst undeniably stunning, is because it shows me lost in the moment where we finally became man and wife, still clutching a scrunched up tissue because I was overcome by emotion during the vows we wrote for each other.  I cherish the photos of my father in law chasing after my son, the children blowing bubbles, my teenage godchildren in actual daylight, the dancing with sheer abandon.   Your wedding story will be unique to you, emotional, unscripted, precious and timeless and I would be delighted if I could be there to capture it.

Now, enough about me, I'd love to hear about you…



Ring Lardner